Soccer-mad Sir Elton John has called for former England ace Glenn Hoddle or Wigan manager Roberto Martinez to lead the national team to glory after the squad's poor performance at the Euro 2012 tournament.
New manager Roy Hodgson and his team were blasted by critics for their cautious, defensive play - and the rocker, who was made Watford Football Club's Honorary Life President in 2009, is calling for a "revolution" in the sport.
In a new interview for tabloid The Sun, the Rocket Man says, "If we’re going to play the way we played in Europe, which is defend, then hope to score a breakaway goal, I give up.
"I wouldn’t have chosen Roy. He’s a good club manager and a lovely man but we need a revolution. Glenn Hoddle is the man, but he’s had his go already. Roberto Martinez at Wigan? We need someone young.
"Those players in the England team play very well at club level, they just don’t seem to play together as a team. I thought we were lucky to get into the quarter-finals (of Euro 2012)."