Flamboyant musician SIR Elton John entertains his famous friends with his two comedy characters LORD and LADY CHOC-ICE.

The CANDLE IN THE WIND singer is so talented, his comedian pal BILLY CONNOLLY has recommended John for a stand-up career.

MRS BROWN actor Connolly enthuses, "He's the best-kept secret in the entire comedy world. He's hysterically funny. So quick and wicked and clever.

"Whenever we're together, it's not me who's making people laugh but him. He floors me and everyone. I've seen people crying with laughter.

"He is a fantastic comedy character actor too. He has two characters he does that I love, an upper-class English couple, Lord and Lady Choc-Ice. Most of the time it's Lady Choc-Ice he'll be doing and she's just a hoot. Elton could be a comedian if he ever chose to give up the day job."

23/11/2004 14:04