SIR Elton John's appearance on British TV talent show Fame Academy has been cancelled after the star allegedly made a series of outrageous demands.

The ROCKET MAN singer reportedly insisted that hopefuls on the BBC show - which grooms a group of aspiring singers for stardom - be banned from talking to or looking at him, even though he was supposed to be giving them lessons on how to perform better.

A BBC insider tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "We were absolutely gobsmacked when we heard Elton's demands through his management. He wanted the show to be based around his music and he had to be given extra time to perform his own tracks.

"He also asked for promotion across the BBC and said the students could come to him at his home - but what shocked us the most was that he said the students must talk to him or look at him.

"We explained it is impossible to do a master class without interacting with the students. We told him we could not work with these demands and after a short while Elton replied that he was unavailable anyway."

Celebrity guests on previous series have included Mariah Carey and former BEE GEE ROBIN GIBB.

15/09/2003 13:58