Legendary singer SIR Elton John has leapt to the defence of his friend David Beckham, after British glamour model JORDAN claimed she'd slept with him.

The 56-year-old star blasts Jordan, real name Katie Price, as a "self-promoting liar" and says the soccer superstar is "really f***ed off" with her comments on British reality TV show I'm a celebrity... GET ME OUT OF HERE!, which Jordan claimed she would detail in her forthcoming autobiography.

Last week (ends13FEB04) she backtracked to confess she never spent the night with Beckham, but claims they did share an "electric moment" in a London nightclub when the Real Madrid player walked past her and brushed her arm.

But Elton says, "I've spoken to David and he is really f***ed off. He doesn't usually let things like this get to him but he's furious.

"The whole idea that David Beckham would have anything to do with someone like Jordan is a ridiculous joke. It's all lies.

"David told he's only met her once and he was with (wife) VICTORIA at the time. It's just nonsense.

"She was just trying to promote herself and her book. But it's not fair dragging someone else's name through the mud."

19/02/2004 17:33