SIR Elton John forces himself to watch his candid TANTRUMS & TIARAS documentary every three years - to remind him of the "nightmare lunatic" he used to be.
The 1997 film, directed by Sir Elton's partner David Furnish, put the singer's private life under the microscope as he hit the road for his Made in England tour in 1995.
In the footage, Sir Elton can be seen shouting at a fan who waved at him while he was playing tennis, while in another scene, he lashes out at assistants during a photoshoot.
But rather than attempt to forget about the footage, Sir Elton admits he watches the movie regularly - so he can keep his bad behaviour in check.
He tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "Tantrums was horrendous because it tainted me with being the biggest nightmare lunatic in the world. But for me it was like having a mirror held up and watching how not to be.
"Everyone around me thought I was insane to put it out but I loved its honesty. It was also David's greatest gift to me. He showed me who I was and how much I needed to change. I watch it every three years. I still cringe but now it makes me laugh. It's been 17 years since that was made and I genuinely don't think I have tantrums any more. I've become a much more calm and collected individual."