Sir Elton John would have loved to have another child.

The 72-year-old musician has sons Zachary, eight, and Elijah, six, with his husband David Furnish, and has said he finds fatherhood ''fantastic'', and would have ''probably'' had a third child if he were ''20 years younger''.

Speaking to Dan Wootton for The Sun newspaper, he said: ''It's fantastic being a dad. Ten years ago if you'd have told me that, I'd have said you're crazy.

''That's it [for our family]. I mean, we're too old to have any more. If we were 20 years, 15 years younger, we'd have probably had another one at least. But with the boys we've got enough on our hands.''

The 'Rocketman' hitmaker says his two boys are already big ''flirts'' in their school and are ''girl mad''.

He added: ''My boys are so boyish. They are real boys. They're flirts - girl mad. They said, 'there was a new girl in class today and she really fancies me' and I said, 'that's great!' They're real boys and they're just very athletic, normal kids.''

Elton's brood aren't following in his musical footsteps so far, but they do share his love of sport, with eldest child Zachary playing football for Watford FC Academy, of which Elton used to be the chairman.

The 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' singer said: ''Zachary plays in the Watford FC Academy. I don't care what he does in the future, but he just loves sport. They're both sport mad. It's great because sport is so social, they meet lots of friends and they don't have video games. They're always outside playing and kicking a ball around.''

Elton became the chairman of Watford FC in the late 1970s, and admitted that whilst he received ''good humoured banter'' from people about being gay, he never received any ''threats''.

When asked how he felt about the fact that no Premier League player has felt able to come out as gay, he said: ''It's hard, but I was a chairman of a football club and I was gay. I had some banter from the fans but, even though people nowadays would say, 'Oh it's disgusting', it was good humoured. I never got any threats. I felt I was accepted very well within football.

''The athletes that have come out in rugby, rugby league, cricket, tennis, they've been treated with great respect. It's harder in America.''