SIR Elton John credits hip rock band The Killers with bringing glamour back to the music scene.

The CANDLE IN THE WIND singer, long known for his own flamboyant style, hated the fashions favoured by today's music stars - until The Killers arrived.

He says, "I always thought pop music was supposed to be about glamour. When THE Beatles and THE Rolling Stones first started, it was all about the music and their look.

"Me, I could never go onstage in a T-shirt and jeans. Recently, the glamour thing had kind of taken a dive - until The Killers came along. They're one of a very small number of bands that put effort into their stage performance and they way they look.

"You're always interested to see what (frontman) Brandon Flowers is wearing: he's a bit of a fashion icon, and everything looks good on him. He just oozes star quality!

"And these guys are great songwriters. A lot of artists come and go very quickly. The Killers just aren't that kind of band."