Sir Elton John says his knighthood means ''f**k all''.

The 70-year-old star praised his English fans for keeping him grounded and admitted that they are not impressed by his lofty title.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Beats 1, he said: ''The knighthood gives me f*** all. They are so enamoured over here in America but the English don't care, nothing is sacred in England.

''I like the irreverence over there. I like the fact you will always be shot down if you get too big for your boots.

''Elvis and Michael Jackson would have never have survived in England. I would rather have that than the adulation and the bubble [in America].''

Elton turned 70 on Saturday (25.03.17) and insisted he feels younger than ever.

He said: ''70 sounds so archaic, doesn't it?

''When I was growing up, 70 sounded like the end of the world. But things have changed. You're only as old as you feel inside.

''There are days when I am not feeling as physically good as I could. Bits drop off... but in my inner self I feel great.''

And he praised his children, Zachary, six, and Elijah, four, with husband David Furnish, for changing his life.

He said: ''We live for a small amount of time. We don't know when our death sentence will be. You have to live every day.

''Having the children has been the icing on the cake. It has made everything more enjoyable.

''I thought, 'I will never have children, they will mess everything up'.

''I have so much love for them. The first thing I do every day is Face Time when if I am not with them.

''They have taught me to be patient and love is never as powerful when you have a child.

''If you said to me 10 years ago I would have two sons, I would have laughed in your face.''