SIR Elton John had to leave his partner David Furnish to meet with the surrogate mother of their baby boy during her pregnancy - because the superstar had to stay away for "confidentiality reasons".
The pair used a surrogate mother to deliver their son Zachary, who was born over Christmas (10), and they have now spoken for the first time about the complicated process.
They used a specialised agency in California to set up the surrogacy and the anonymous woman who eventually carried their child didn't know the superstar couple's true identities at first.
After the deal had been set up, Sir Elton had to be left out of the numerous meetings with the mother, because they wanted to keep the process top secret.
Furnish tells Britain's OK! magazine, "One day she figured out who we were. She cracked it. And it didn't make a bit of difference to her. She's a lovely women who is not interested in media or fame... We exchanged emails and calls on a weekly basis, and I'd slip quietly into California. We didn't want to bring Elton along, because he'd have got attention. We wanted to protect her anonymity... We'd meet in neutral locations, spend an afternoon together, have lunch..."
Sir Elton adds, "I couldn't be seen anywhere near her for confidentiality reasons. But we spoke on the phone... And I eventually met her, and we got on like a house on fire."
Furnish reveals they kept up the veil of secrecy right up to the birth - even hiring a nanny who sneaked all of the baby items into their home.
He says, "Because of confidentiality, we couldn't do anything to prepare for the baby's arrival... We have a nanny... she quietly went around L.A. buying things... taking the packaging off and then putting it in Christmas wrap. Then we brought them in the building, looking like Christmas presents, because we couldn't have anyone see baby stuff coming in the door."