Elton John will have a surprise backing dancer joining him every night when he starts his run of shows in Las Vegas - busty beauty Pamela Anderson.

The British superstar will begin a three-year commitment at the American gambling capital's COLOSSEUM, housed at Caesars Palace hotel and casino, on Friday (13FEB04) - and Anderson will accompany him, thrilling fans with her sexy moves

She says, "His show in Vegas starts pretty soon and a friend of mine, DAVE LaCHAPELLE who directed it, actually videotaped me pole-dancing and I'm gonna be dancing to THE BITCH IS BACK.

"It's all (on) video. I have never seen it so I'm not quite sure what's gonna happen, but (LaChapelle) said I look like an Olympic pole-dancer so I'm happy!"

10/02/2004 21:00