SIR Elton John's recent attack on fellow rocker George Michael has been defended by the ex-Wham! star's cousin, who agrees that "George has changed for the worse".

Michael recently sent a damning letter to British magazine HEAT urging fans to ignore the ROCKET MAN's wild accusations about his "strange" behaviour and "disappointing" career.

But the FAITH singer's cousin, ANDROS GEORGIO, has been feuding with Michael since the star's 1998 arrest for having sex in a Los Angeles public toilet, and he insists "the toilet incident" has tainted the singer's personality.

He says, "Elton got it completely right. George says he's never been happier in his life. That's absolute rubbish and makes my blood boil. Elton was only speaking publicly from a good heart.

"Elton is going down in history. George - who to me is as good as (JOHN) LENNON and (PAUL) McCARTNEY - will now be remembered for his toilet incident. It's a legacy that is so wrong and ever since, George has changed for the worse."

20/12/2004 03:32