The normal people are standing up to the celebrities in one Cotswold town, as a local council member has complained about the elaborate plans for LIZ HURLEY's wedding.

Tim Petchey, chairman of Winchcombe town's council, has hit out at traffic restrictions imposed by the police at the request of the aristocratic owners of the historic Sudeley Castle, to accommodate the many visitors expected for model and actress Hurley's wedding to Indian businessman ARUN NAYAR.

Mr Petchey claims local residents have not been consulted and that four days of traffic disruption is unacceptable.

He told the Daily Mail: "There has been little prior warning and no consultation with the town. It's a bit of an imposition and I think it's been badly handled by the castle."

A-list celebrities expected to attend the event include SIR Elton John, David Beckham and Kate Moss.

However, the attraction of so many celebrities to the pretty country town may have some positive effects on the local community, Mr Petchey conceded.

"The wedding is going to attract rubber neckers to the town so I just hope they spend their money here," he said.

01/03/2007 15:15:16