SIR Elton John's lover David Furnish has resigned from Britain's TATLER magazine - because he's furious about an article the fashionable publication printed about his friends VICTORIA and David Beckham.

Furnish quit his post as contributing editor for Tatler last week (ends11FEB05) after they published a feature about extra-marital affairs, which feature the REAL MADRID soccer star's alleged former mistress Rebecca Loos offering advice.

A source says, "David has a horror of that kind of thing and just can't believe Tatler did it.

"I suppose the fact he's pally with Posh and Becks wouldn't have helped, but overall it probably had more to do with the tastelessness of it all.

"It's sad, because he's been doing stuff for Tatler for quite some years now, but a man's got to stand up for what he believes in."

13/02/2005 10:47