Rocker SIR Elton John desperately tried to persuade his pals VICTORIA and David Beckham against travelling the globe to build on their celebrity, because he knew it would backfire on them.

The ROCKET MAN claims the British couple were lured by the prospect of earning more money through their fame, admitting they were too young and naive to turn down such inviting offers to appear on TV and in magazines the world over.

However, former SPICE GIRL Victoria and soccer ace DAVID ignored the pleas of John and other showbiz veterans - in favour of courting the publicity sparked by their high-profile, and highly documented, relationship.

John says, "In retrospect it was a big mistake. They did everything. But they were young. Did we try to tell them not to do that? Yes. Sometimes people don't listen. I understand that. I didn't listen to people either.

"I think they had too much stuff in their life that took (him) away from his football, and maybe Victoria's career wasn't going as well as she hoped. All I know is that I adore both of them and I would do anything for them."

02/12/2004 17:52