SIR Elton John launched a scathing attack on Sunday's (27FEB05) "predictable" Academy Awards, only a year after labelling the OSCARS "boring".

The flamboyant musician hosted his annual post-Oscar bash at Los Angeles' Pacific Design Center on Sunday night, where celebrity guests were entertained by the Scissor Sisters, and over $1.4 million (GBP730,000) was raised for his ELTON JOHN AIDS FOUNDATION charity.

John moans, "Everyone who won, we knew was going to win. The Oscars are so predictable that they're beginning not to be fun anymore.

"I just thought all the nominated songs were horrible. I think the best song won (AL OTRO LADO DEL RIO from The Motorcycle Diaries). But I thought they were a pretty poor bunch."

Last year (FEB04) John displayed his disdain for Annie Lennox's win for INTO THE WEST, saying, "I thought there might be one surprise in the song category, but even there Lord Of The Rings won. And I don't think it deserved to."

01/03/2005 14:17