SIR Elton John considers interior design on par with music when it comes to his passions in life - due to its "artistic" nature.

The ROCKET MAN singer credits his sobriety as a major reason he is able to enjoy "redoing" his home - as he is better able to use his eyes in a more constructive way to see beauty.

John says, "I get as much pleasure out of redoing the house with DAVID (FURNISH) as I probably do making an album.

"I'd love to be an interior designer, to buy and sell houses and gut them and do them up, it's great. It's a project and it's artistic as well.

"Using my eyes is something I've been doing a lot since I've been sober, because I use them in a completely different way.

"I've come to the realisation, at 57, that I have to do things that please myself, and if people like them that's a bonus."

01/11/2004 10:47