Sir Elton John can't cook.

The legendary British performer is hapless in the kitchen and leaves his partner David Furnish - who he married four years ago - to prepare most of their meals when they are at home together.

David said: "I'm probably the chef of the two of us, though I don't really get chance anymore as I'm always travelling.

"Elton doesn't cook. Don't ask him questions about cooking, he won't know what to say."

The couple eat out regularly, but David admitted sometimes the 'Your Song' hitmaker's lack of prowess in the kitchen can still interfere with their plans for the evening.

He explained to BANG Showbiz: "There was one funny incident recently - we went to a Japanese restaurant in January and we both ordered dishes you had to cook yourself, but Elton didn't know, so he just sat there panic stricken."

The couple have been together for 16 years but the Canadian filmmaker says they love to keep the romance alive with special gifts.

David said: "I like to surprise him with little things from time to time. Art especially."