SIR Elton John's new hairstyle has been ridiculed by Egyptian businessman Mohammed Al Fayed after a meeting at his Paris Ritz hotel.

The billionaire, who also owns London department store Harrods, was relaxing in the front bar of his exclusive establishment when the CANDLE IN THE WIND singer arrived accompanied by his partner David Furnish, designer PATRICK COX and British art dealer JAY JOPLING.

And the businessman was less than impressed with the pop veteran's latest look, according to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS.

An onlooker says, "Mohammed was sitting outside the front bar of the hotel when Elton John came out. Elton was wearing a jacket over a floor-length North African-style tunic, and he looked like he'd had his hair transplant touched up. Mohammed got up and greeted them warmly.

"But as soon as they walked away he made a face and said to his companions, 'Quelle horrible (How horrible).'"

07/02/2005 17:54