SIR Elton John's Concert for Diana was marred on Sunday (01Jul07) when he was stopped by traffic police attempting to re-enter London's Wembley stadium. The singer, who both opened and closed the musical tribute to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, launched into a furious rant at cops when they demanded he ditch his car and walk back into the venue as part of tight security measures. His spokesman says, "He had been there for 10 hours, performed a brilliant set and it's a shame that people are concentrating on one petty moment. "You can't expect Elton to start walking towards Wembley as 60,000 people are leaving. That's a security risk in itself." A police spokeswoman says Sir Elton was targetted because his car was driving down a route reserved for pedestrians. She says, "We can confirm a vehicle was stopped when it left Wembley stadium following the Diana memorial concert."