SIR Elton John is disappointed his 2004 album PEACHTREE ROAD was only modestly successful, but accepts people may just be tiring of him after nearly four decades in the music business.

The PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM singer received decent reviews for Peachtree Road, with many writers hailing it as a return to his 1970s form, but the flattering write-ups didn't transfer into huge sales.

He says, "It is probably one of my lowest-selling albums of all time.

"It was disappointing everywhere in the world, so I have to hold my hands up and accept that the songs just didn't connect.

"I'm proud of Peachtree but, if I think about it logically, people may have 10 or 12 Elton John albums in their collection already. Do they really need another one?"

04/08/2005 14:12