SIR Elton John faced one of his toughest audiences in Milwaukee, America on Sunday (31AUG03) - when he headlined a biker convention.

Elton was the odd choice to take centre stage at the HARLEY DAVIDSON 100TH BIRTHDAY bash after rousing performances from Tim Mcgraw and Kid Rock.

McGraw rode onto the stage on his Harley motorcycle to thunderous applause, and was later joined by Kid Rock and a gospel choir.

But Elton's billing as the big day's headliner left many bikers puzzled, and a number reportedly walked away from the gig.

EVELYN HICKEY, from Austin, Texas, says, "It was odd. Everyone partied through Tim McGraw and Kid Rock's set and then started leaving when Elton hit the stage."

STEVE FALTON, from Boston, Massachusetts, adds, "Some people were booing. I felt sorry for Elton. Half the crowd seemed to leave by the time he was midway through his set."

02/09/2003 09:21