Pop legend Elton John was terrified before he started his Las Vegas residency and doubted he could sell enough tickets to fill the city's Coliseum venue.

The CANDLES IN THE WIND star, who has agreed a three-year deal to perform when Canadian diva Celine Dion isn't performing on the same stage - located in Caesar's Hotel - believes he took a big "risk" in signing the contract.

He says, "There was the obvious pitfall of, 'Well, Elton's gone to Vegas, and end of career, that's what everybody does.'

"And I thought, 'Well, Celine hasn't really done that. She's taken a risk.' It's a huge risk for anyone to go into one place and sell out 230 shows a year. I mean, c'mon, that's a huge risk. So I thought, 'How am I going to do this show?'

But the gamble paid off, as the 57-year-old adds, "We opened in February (04) to very little rehearsal. In fact, three days rehearsal because Celine was here. We couldn't get in the room. And after all, this is her place. But we had incredible reviews."

Elton will hit the road again next year in North America, including a stop in Toronto, Canada. He also has two shows slated for 4 November and 5 November (04) in Atlanta, where his latest album PEACHTREE ROAD was recorded and he has one of his five homes.

26/10/2004 14:24