Pop legend SIR Elton John has abandoned the idea of becoming a dancefloor diva - because he's too old to reinvent himself.
The Candle in the Wind hitmaker is a huge fan of dance music and admits he has been tempted to try his hand at a club anthem, but, at 63, he thinks he should stick to what he does best.
John says, "I'm always listening to new music. I really love electronic and dance stuff, like Royksopp and Robyn. But I could never do stuff like that because I'm 63 and too old. If I ever tried I wouldn't be true to myself."
But he is turning his back on pop - the British star recently announced we won't be recording any more pop albums, insisting he wants to devote the rest of his career to tackling the blues.
He told USA Today newspaper, "I might collaborate with Lady Gaga or the Scissor Sisters on a single, but I'm not going to make pop albums anymore."