SIR Elton John will produce his first Hollywood movie in an attempt to overturn his recent financial losses.

The flamboyant singer and his lover David Furnish are to finance film IT'S A BOY GIRL THING and are optimistic the coming-of-age picture will improve the fortunes of their company ROCKET PICTURES, which is reported to have a $51.3 million (GBP27 million) overdraft.

Furnish, 42, says, "This will be our first joint production with our company Rocket Pictures and we've been working on it for months.

"The story is about two arch-rivals at high school. One is a poor but popular guy and the other is a prim and over-privileged academic and they wake up one day to find themselves in each other's bodies.

"The movie will be shot mainly in Canada and we've signed up an as-yet-unknown Canadian actor as one of the leads."

22/05/2005 14:36