Pop legend SIR Elton John is re-assessing his stance on gay marriage, because he's worried his partner David Furnish would be left with nothing of the ROCKET MAN died.

The rocker admits he and Furnish have often talked about making their union more official - and he's beginning to see how important it could be as gay friends have often lost everything after a partner dies.

He says, "If you're a gay couple, and one of them dies, the family steams in, takes everything, and the other half is just completely devastated.

"I've seen it happen maybe 50 or 60 times in my life. There's nothing the law can do about it and it's just savage.

"We've talked about it (a ceremony), but it wouldn't be a public one... I don't want a Jennifer Lopez wedding or anything like that.

"A commitment ceremony would be a nice thing to do for him, because we love each other very much."

01/11/2004 10:47