Sir Elton John seems to be pretty keen on putting his feud with George Michael behind him.

Last year the 59-year-old singer branded Michael as "boring" but now he has done an about turn, praising him for his recent tour.

Speaking to the Sun at the after show party for the premiere for It's A Girl Boy Thing, a film produced by his partner David Furnish, Sir Elton said that he is "really pleased" for Michael.

"I'm so thrilled that George is back out on tour putting on a great show," he told the paper.

"When I did that interview saying I thought George should get out more, I just meant I thought he should get back on stage doing what he does best. I haven't had a chance to see him perform on this tour but everyone tells me it's great."

Perhaps being in such a generous mood he may mend the reported rifts that he has with fellow singer Robbie Williams, with whom he has been causing a stir down under while on tour.

The most recent spat involved Robbie giving out Sir Elton's room number, causing the veteran singer to write him a note mocking the success of his former band, Take That.

20/12/2006 15:24:04