SIR Elton John was pleased to be knocked off the top of the UK singles chart by James Blunt's hit YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL - because it excites him more to witness a music phenomenon take shape.

John was at number one in mid-June (05) with Tupac Shakur's GHETTO GOSPEL, which samples his classic 1971 track INDIAN SUNSET, when newcomer Blunt took the top spot, knocking Ghetto Gospel down to number two.

But John was ecstatic to see it happen.

He says, "He knocked me off the number one spot, but I am more excited about him than I am about me.

"It's gratifying to see somebody come through by just playing gigs and being nurtured and not by money and hype.

"It's like a throwback - it reminds me of what happened to me in America in 1970."

04/08/2005 17:07