Elton John insists new song BLUES NEVER FADE AWAY is one of his masterpieces - because it's a personal tribute to dead friends John Lennon and Gianni Versace. The ROCKET MAN admits the song, which appears on his new album THE CAPTAIN + The Kid, is about "coping with loss," adding he feels it's "probably my best vocal on a record ever." He says, "I miss John Lennon's laugh, and, God, could we do with a John Lennon in the world today. "You celebrate these people who were close to you in other ways, but the pain of losing them doesn't go away. Blues Never Fade Away is just a reflection on that. "I'm happy with the vocals on the whole album, but the one (song) I sing with a special intensity. "I've had two of my best friends shot on their front doorsteps in America - Gianni Versace and John Lennon. And God knows how many friends of mine died of AIDS before the government started to do anything about it. You have to feel something when you're singing those lyrics."