SIR Elton John is pleased with the outcome of Kate Moss's cocaine scandal, because it forced the supermodel to seek help and go to a rehabilitation centre.

The ROCKET MAN singer, who has had his own well-publicised battle with drug addiction, can see a positive side after pictures of Moss appearing to snort cocaine in a London recording studio were published in a British newspaper last month (SEP05).

And John is pleased to note Moss is attending the Meadows Clinic in Arizona, because friends of his have been cured of their substance abuse problems there.

He says, "The great thing about England is that the media will give you a very hard time. They won't let you get away with it.

"What this story has achieved is it has forced Kate Moss to get help.

"Plenty of people must have told her to do something about it. But plenty of people told me and it took me 16 years to go and do it.

"I'm just glad Kate is there. I think she has made a really positive move.

"The Meadows is a great place. It is where two friends of mine went. Kate is in very good hands."

And John also sympathises with the plight of Moss's on/off boyfriend and recovering drug addict Pete Doherty, with whom he duetted at the London leg of charity supergig Live 8 in July (05).

John adds, "Pete obviously has his problems and I would love to help him. But the only person who can help Pete is Pete.

"I feel for Pete and I feel for Kate. I've been there."