Elton John loves Just Jack's new record.

The pop superstar was so impressed with the British musician's latest album 'All Night Cinema' he called him to praise his songwriting skills.

The 33-year-old musician - real name Jack Allsopp - said: "He phoned me up and told me what his favourite songs were - 'The Day I Died' is one of them.

"You never get a warning when he calls - it's a withheld number. It's weird if I'm sitting with people, but he's a normal person when you meet him. He likes music, I like music - we always talk about music."

Meanwhile, the 'Starz in Their Eyez' hitmaker says he is thrilled the track has received mixed reviews amongst fans.

He told BBC Newsbeat: "I'm told it's uplifting and upsetting. It's great, there aren't many pop songs you can have a proper conversation or debate about.

"People have written small essays on YouTube deconstructing the video, they've left me baffled messages on Twitter - it's great. I wanted it to be a song people would react to.

"I'm very happy, I'm over the moon. It's a very unusual song, I'm not saying it's utterly original, but nothing sounds like it at the moment, so I'm chuffed."

The gory video stars British TV actor James Nesbitt as a man going about his normal life, and then dying.

Jack said: "James was so convincing, it was really impressive. You almost forgot he was acting and wanted to start helping him."

'The Day I Died' will be released on August 17.