Elton John's upcoming show in Malta has sparked controversy with locals because of the major disruption it's causing.

The British singer will perform on the sun-kissed island on 6 July (03), but preparations for the concert are causing quite a ruckus in the town of Floriana.

The MALTA INDEPENDENT newspaper reports that the city council and many residents are up in arms over the closure of roads, which halted construction in the area where the show will take place.

Floriana mayor NIGEL HOLLAND says the council was stopped from continuing road works on a nearby street - to the detriment of residents, who now have a two-foot-deep hole just outside their doorsteps.

He adds that the council is considering what action it can take to prevent accidents from taking place and for the residents to be given what they deserve - whether Elton John is coming to Malta or not.

The problems have caused such an uproar that Holland says the council is considering not awarding permits in future for such affairs, with the exception of political, religious or sporting events.

01/07/2003 09:15