Sir Elton John has told Noel Gallagher his new album reminds him of The Beatles.

The former Oasis musician is a guest on the latest edition of the music legend's Beats 1 radio show 'Rocket Hour' and Elton was not afraid to tell Noel just what he thinks of 'Who Built The Moon'.

Elton, 70, told Noel: ''I can hear certain things on this album that you probably wouldn't. I can hear a bit of T-Rex. There's a bit of STEVE MILLER I can hear. I can hear Beatles things obviously. But it's all things that I love.''

A long-time criticism of Oasis' music by some is that it is too derivative of The Beatles.

Overall, the 'Rocket Man' star is very positive of Noel's new record, telling him he can't stop playing it.

Elton said: ''It's one of these albums that you just can't stop playing and it makes you happy.''

The 50-year-old High Flying Birds frontman agreed, saying he wanted it to be a positive album.

Noel said: ''Yeah that was my overriding feeling about it. When I finished the thing it was like, there's an overriding sense of joy in it which I've been saying in all the interviews is almost revolutionary these days because if you're a guy playing a guitar in a band you're almost obliged to write about the news. And the news, as we all know, is boring, it's the same old same old. To get that amount of joy in a record is unique these days I think.''

The 'Wonderwall' star recently claimed it was easy to write sad songs.

The 'Don't Look Back In Anger' has largely avoided writing sad records and has instead focused his material on ''joy and togetherness''.

Asked why he has avoided the songwriter cliche, Noel said: ''Because it's easy. It's easy to write sad songs. It's very difficult pulling off this magic trick of joy and togetherness. And, you know, Oasis had it, where you go to an Oasis gig, you feel good about yourself.

''U2 have got this thing where, if you go to one of their gigs, not only do you feel good about yourself, but you feel good about the next person too. It's difficult to do, which is why many people don't want to f***ing try to do it because it can be really cheesy.''