SIR Elton John is pressing ahead with legal action against US tax authorities for overvaluing his multi-million dollar Georgia condominium. The singer has been forced to pay $77,250 (GBP41,890) in tax each year for the penthouse property after it was valued at $4.6 million ($2.6 million) - $900,000 (GBP488,000) above his financial advisor's estimates. If his suit is successful, the flamboyant star could see his tax bills drop by $16,000 (GBP8,675) a year. CRAIG KLAYMAN, a tax consultant hired to represent John, says, "I just don't see how the county can justify that number. "It's just too high looking at what everybody else is valued at." Fulton County Superior Court Judge WENDY SHOOB has ordered the two sides to try resolving the dispute through mediation.