Sir Elton John says his second son is ''enormous''.

The 66-year-old singer has revealed his ''beautiful'' seven-month-old boy Elijah is growing faster than the average kid and is already wearing the same sized socks as his two-year-old brother Zachary.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Daybreak', Elton said: ''He's [Elijah] huge, he wears the same size socks as Zachary, he is enormous! He's wearing two year old clothing at seven months. He's beautiful, he's just large.''

The 'Tiny Dancer' singer also revealed he thinks parenting has been easier the second time around because he and his husband David Furnish learnt so much caring for Zachary.

He added: ''It was easier the second time round, because we knew what to expect. We didn't know what to expect when Zachary came. The second one was simpler.''

Although he has a worldwide fan base Elton is going to be cutting down his workload to make sure he is there for key moments in his boys' lives and intends to reduce his touring schedule when Zachary starts school.

The musician - who has just released new album 'The Diving Board' - explained: ''We take them everywhere, they're portable ... I'm going to be slowing down and not doing as many shows as I've done because I don't need to and I don't want to because when Zachary does go to school when he's four and a half, I want to be there.''