Superstar SIR Elton John will be seen live four times by fans on Saturday (02JUL05) - his shows at Live 8 in London and a gig in Dublin will be simultaneously beamed back to the other venue.

The rocker was already booked to perform in the Irish capital on Saturday night - but cunningly came up with the plan, so fans at each venue can see him twice.

After taking to the stage at the charity bash in Hyde Park in the afternoon, John will jet to Dublin, where fans who have paid to see him, will have been allowed into the concert venue early to see his Live 8 set live by satellite.

The star will then go on stage in the Irish capital at 8.15pm - with a selection of special guests who will accompany him from Live 8 - and give a performance which also will be beamed back by TV crews to London.

27/06/2005 09:30