Sir Elton John is ''no one special'' to his sons.

The 70-year-old singer's two boys, Zachary, seven, and five-year-old Elijah - who he has with husband David Furnish - are fans on his music but they are not as excited by his career as they are by their sporting heroes.

Elton said: ''They do like Daddy's music, certain ones more than others. They love 'I'm Still Standing'.

''They love coming to the shows and get very excited, but then once we get home, it's all forgotten.

''I'm no one special. If I was a footballer, I'd be God to them. What I do doesn't rank so highly!''

Though he's aware his sons have a very privileged lifestyle, the 'Rocket Man' singer is keen to impress on them the importance of hard work and instil the same values he grew up with.

He said: ''They come from a well-off background, which will afford its own advantages.

''I came from a very working class background where I had to work for everything I got, and I want to instil those same values in them.

''But it's harder growing up in this world and David and I are very mindful of that.

''They're fantastic young boys, they have good hearts and compassionate, kind personalities.

''We just want to be there for them, guide the as best we can. It's all you can do really, as a parent.''

Elton recently announced his plans to retire from live performance with a three-year world tour and he's looking forward to taking the boys on the road to gain some experience of different cultures.

He told OK! magazine: ''They'll be with us for some of the way, most likely Australia and Japan because I want them to experience those cultures.

''We'll have a tutor with us but those travel experiences are invaluably educational.''