SIR Elton John has stunned an up-and-coming teenage country singer by choosing one of her songs to record when they duet together.

The flamboyant singer will sing with CATHERINE BRITT, 19, on the ballad WHERE WE BOTH SAY GOODBYE, which was co-written by the talented Australian.

And she admits she was dumbfounded when the pop legend snubbed his own material in favour of her musical offerings.

Britt says, "I just got an email from Elton's email person.

"I knew we were going to do a duet, but I thought it would be one of his songs.

"He asked me to send some songs of mine, so I sent him two originals, and he's ended up choosing one of them to record.

"For him to turn around and respect my songwriting, I can't really comprehend that. It is going to be really cool for me to hear him singing my song."

Britt befriended John in Sydney in 2002, and the singer was so impressed with her debut album DUSTY SMILES AND HEARTBREAK CURES, they've kept in touch ever since.

22/03/2004 17:53