Sir Elton John hates mobile phones.

The 'Tiny Dancer' hitmaker - who has sons Zachary, seven, and Elijah, five, with husband David Furnish - no longer goes on nights out because it's ''an effort'' waking up to find his wild antics captured by a member of the public with a camera phone, which never happened before the device existed.

He told pop star George Ezra on his 'George Ezra & Friends' podcast: ''I hate mobile phones, camera phones. I don't go out anymore. There's no privacy anymore.

''When I started out there were no mobile phones, no kind of paparazzi, we had it so easy.

''You could afford to be out of your mind and behave extraordinarily badly in public and no one would be able to take a photograph, which I did many times!

''Unfortunately that's all changed with the advent of technology. Going out now is an effort.''

The 71-year-old showbiz legend also bemoaned reality stars' worth ethic, stating that he has ''worked hard'' to get where he is, unlike those who find fame on shows like UK TV's popular dating show 'Love Island'.

He said: ''Those years I had in a van going up the M1, I look back and they were the backbone, they gave me all the experience I needed.

''The work ethic was great, so when I was ready and I became successful I knew what to do because I had worked so hard for it.

''It wasn't, 'Oh, what do I do now?'. I wasn't just thrust into it, I'd worked really hard for it.''

The 'Sacrifice' singer announced earlier this year that he will undertake a three-year 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road' world tour to mark his retirement from touring, which will see him perform over 300 shows across the globe.