Temperamental rocker SIR Elton John has launched another blistering attack - this time at a friend of British Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife CHERIE.

The ROCKET MAN singer, 57, announced earlier this year (04) he would be leaving his entire fortune millions to his 12 godchildren - including VICTORIA BECKHAM's sons BROOKLYN and ROMEO and Elizabeth Hurley's toddler DAMIAN - after his death.

The announcement infuriated CAROLE CAPLIN - 'lifestyle advisor' to TONY BLAIR's wife CHERIE - who told the press John should leave his money to charity.

John fumes, "Who's that stupid cow who advises the Prime Minister? Carole Chaplin, Caplin - whatever her name is. She's a mindless f**king turd.

"I said that if I died and didn't have any family or dependants to leave my money to, I would leave it all to my godchildren.

"Caplin said that was disgraceful. Can you believe that? She said I should leave it all to charity. And I was like: 'F**k off, you mindless turd. You stupid mindless turd.'

"Not all of my godchildren are wealthy, and if I'm their godfather and I love my godchildren why shouldn't I leave them something?

"Anyway, by the time I die there won't be any money left. Because I'm going to spend it all on flowers in the last week of my life."

08/11/2004 14:18