SIR Elton John was able to heal a bitter rift with his late father thanks to soccer. The Rocket Man - who became chairman of English side Watford in 1976 - experienced a rocky relationship with his father Stanley Dwight. But John says it was their shared love of football that enabled them to "make peace" before Dwight's death in 1992. He says, "I made my peace with my father in the end. We were still awkward with each other. That awkwardness never goes. But he was very proud of me in the end and I was the chairman of Watford, so when I went up to Liverpool and watched Liverpool and Watford, or Everton and Watford, he used to come. "I didn't hate my father. I was afraid of him because he was a very strict disciplinarian and he didn't approve of me doing what I did at all."