Elton John has sarcastically apologised to Madonna for blaSting her penchant for lip-synching, by insisting his old friend is "an artist of the video age."

The bitchy Brit hit the headlines earlier this month (OCT04) when he criticised Madonna at The Q Awards in London - for not performing live.

But, when he was asked to clarify his comments on a New Zealand TV show last week (ends22OCT04), Elton admitted, "I do regret hurting her feelings because she's a major artist.

"Madonna is a great artist - I hate to hurt her. I don't like slagging people off."

However, he insisted he still takes issue with stars who put dance routines over performing truly live.

He added, "She's a major artist of the video age and she's not the same kind of artist as U2 or Bruce Springsteen or Prince or STING, or someone like that."

Elton confessed he made his remarks because "I have a bee in my bonnet about live shows.

"It was in the context of a very rowdy lunch. Sometimes when you say something and then it's written down on paper, it looks totally different."

  25/10/2004 21:15