Rock legend SIR Elton John has accused Boy George of waging a "personal vendetta" against him in his newspaper column.

Sir Elton's long term partner David Furnish claims the former Culture Club frontman has used his weekly gossip column in British tabloid THE DAILY EXPRESS, to attack the singer.

Furnish elaborates, "George is totally entitled to his own opinion, but it feels to us like he is waging a personal vendetta against Elton. He's written some really nasty things about him. I felt really protective of Elton. I'm not normally like that."

The comments upset Furnish so much, he confronted George in a London nightclub recently.

He explains, "I walked into the club and saw George. Then he saw me and ran off into the Ladies. Something in me snapped and I thought, 'I'm going to put him straight'. He's in one of the cubicles, locked behind the door. So I hit the door a few times and said, 'Come out now'. I really punched it! And then I said, 'I don't know what your f*****g problem is with my boyfriend. You need to direct your anger at someone else'."

17/06/2003 21:35