Two French councillors have launched a bid to block SIR Elton John's only concert there this year (04) - because of the "indecent cost".

The flamboyant English musician, who owns a house on the French Rivera, is set to perform in the south west city of Bayonne on 28 May (04).

However, XABI LARRALDE and GISELE LOUGAROT, members of the Basque nationalist party ABERTZALEEN BATASUNA, urged their fellow councillors to vote against the concert, after organisers plan to charge fans between 50Euros ($62.7/GBP33) and 300Euros ($380/GBP200) per ticket.

Larralde told a press conference, "We don't have anything against Elton John, it's the indecent cost."

01/03/2004 05:44