LIVIN' THING by Elo has been crowned the guiltiest pleasure in a survey of the top fifty pop songs we are ashamed to admit liking. The survey, by British music magazine Q, has revealed the tracks listeners most enjoy - but only in secret. SUMMER OF '69 by Canadian rocker Bryan Adams came thirteenth with cheesy saxophone classic BAKER STREET by GERRY RAFFERTY in ninth position. Rounding out the top five was convicted child molester Gary Glitter's ROCK'N'ROLL PART 2. The top five guilty pleasures are: 1. LIVIN' THING, ELO 2. MORE THAN A FEELING, Boston 3. DON'T STOP MOVIN', S Club 7 4. I'M NOT IN LOVE, 10cc 5. ROCK'N'ROLL PART 2, GARY GLITTER