The mother of a teenager allegedly knocked down by British TV star Elliott Tittensor has released shocking pictures of her badly injured son in his hospital bed, branding the reported hit-and-run "inhuman".
The 20 year old, who is famous in the U.K. for his role in hit series Shameless, is said to have driven his BMW into Oliver Flint, 18, who approached the vehicle in Kentish Town, north London in the early hours of Sunday morning (15Aug10).
Tittensor allegedly ran the boy over, before speeding off. He later handed himself into police and was arrested. He was released on bail until mid-September (10) pending a police investigation.
The mum of Flint, who has lost his sight in one eye and remains in hospital, has asked Britain's The Sun to publish snaps of the teen showing his badly bruised face, and claims the incident occurred when he asked to use Tittensor's actress girlfriend Kaya Scodelario's mobile phone after losing contact with his relatives on his brother's birthday night out.
Lulu Flint tells the publication, "The eye specialist has said he has lost the sight of his left eye and the vision in his right is very blurred and getting worse because of nerve damage. How can anyone do such a thing? It was inhuman.
"Oliver had had a few drinks but certainly wasn't drunk. He asked Kaya if he could borrow her phone but she ignored him. He then went and asked the young man who was sitting in the car.
"We think the car was going at about 40mph when it braked really hard and Oliver flew into the road and hit his head on the kerb... For a few hours we honestly believed he was going to die. Then when he came round I had to break the news to him about his eyes.
"He is struggling to come to terms with it and keeps asking me, 'Will I be able to see again Mum?' We are just praying that his remaining eye improves."