Musical pals of Elliott Smith have paid tribute to the singer-songwriter, who died on Tuesday (21OCT03).

The 34-year-old was found dead at his Los Angeles home with a single stab wound to the chest. The Los Angeles coroner's office has deemed his death "apparent suicide".

Smith's record label Dreamworks have acclaimed the OSCAR-nominated songwriter, releasing a statement reading, "We are deeply saddened by Elliott Smith's tragic death and send our condolences to our family and his friends.

"He was perhaps his generation's most gifted singer-songwriter. His enormous talent could change your life with a whisper. We will miss him."

Musicians The Eels and Moby have also spoken of their sadness.

A statement from The Eels, who lived close to Smith, reads, "Eels are very saddened to hear of their friend and neighbour Elliott Smith's death. He was a really sweet guy that wasn't equipped to deal with some of the cards that life dealt him."

Moby adds on his website, "It's terribly sad. Elliott Smith was an amazing singer and songwriter and it's terribly sad that he's no longer here."

23/10/2003 21:09