Twenty-two unreleased Elliott Smith tracks have been leaked online as the second anniversary of the singer/songwriter's death approaches this week (21OCT05).

The music is being advertised as outtakes from the sessions for Smith's final, posthumously released album FROM A BASEMENT ON THE HILL. However, most of the tracks on what is billed as FROM A BASEMENT ON THE HILL II date from the mid-to-late 1990s.

CHARLIE RAMIREZ, webmaster for the official Smith site, tells, "I think some of them might have been considered for Basement, but not necessarily."

Ramirez believes the leaked material was definitely intended for the album includes ABUSED and THE WORST PART IS ALMOST OVER.

Smith is thought to have killed himself on 21 October 2003. From A Basement On The Hill, which contained 15 songs, followed in October 2004.

According to Smith's publicist, 34 tracks were recorded during the album's sessions, although many insiders put the actual number closer to 50.