Tragic rocker Elliott Smith was in the process of clearing his name after a scuffle at a concert when he apparently took his own life in 2003, according to pal Beck.

Investigators are still looking for clues about the exact cause of MISS MISERY singer/songwriter's demise after he was found dead with stab wounds to his chest.

And Beck has helped to shed light on Smith's worried state of mind at the time of his suspected suicide.

He tells the new issue of style magazine GQ, "The last time I saw him, I was playing at the Universal Amphitheatre (Los Angeles), and he had come down to the show, and we heard after the show that he'd been arrested.

"He'd gotten into a fight with security because they were trying to kick some kid and he'd intervened or something.

"(In) the last call I got, he was trying to find people who had seen what happened at the show. He was trying to get help from me for that. (He was) trying to clear his name or something."

29/03/2005 02:28