Movie veteran Elliott Gould has designed a new line of Nike bags under his real name, Elliot Goldstein.
The M*A*S*H star has been wearing Nike products for years - and now the sportswear giants have decide to honour his commitment by giving him his very own bag line.
And the thrilled star, who turns 70 this summer (Aug08) decided to use the name he was born with for the honour.
He says, "Sometimes Nike will give some of their products to me. I don't endorse them, there's no business and they just asked me if I wanted to design a bag.
"The bag I designed is the Elliot Goldstein 38 - the year I was born. It's just a shlepping bag. It's a bag to carry my gym stuff in."
But Gould admits his new bag is far from perfect: "One of the zippers broke right away. It's a one of a kind bag just like me."