Ellie Goulding wants to be seen as a ''sex symbol''.

The 'Lights' hitmaker joked she was ''offended'' she hadn't been named in FHM magazine's 'sexiest women' polls and claimed she's never been seen ''in that way''.

She told Capital FM: ''I've never made anything like FHM. I'm very offended by that.

''I've never made any of those lists. So what's up with that? I've never been thought of in that way, like a sex symbol.''

The 26-year-old singer insisted he doesn't mind where she ranks, but she put out a 'come and get me' plea to bosses at the men's magazine to add her to the list.

She said: ''Even if I was 100, I'd be a 100, fine, whatever. Just get me in there.''

Ellie has proven in the past she keeps in shape, and she has been an avid runner for the last eight years - although it's about more than health.

She previously explained: ''I go running - so I'll be ready when the world ends. Running is hugely important in my life and has been since I was 18. I woke up one morning and decided that running should be my thing. For me, it's about more than keeping fit.

''I'm preparing myself. As a kid I'd lie awake at night and convince myself that a meteor was about to hit the Earth. It's my fatalistic streak, which I've inherited from my mum.

''I firmly believe something cataclysmic is going to happen in my lifetime and I have to be prepared to run for my life when the time comes. Next year I hope to run my first marathon. Unless the world ends before I get the chance.''